about us

After completing technical vocational training such as turning, milling,molding and stone, I began my carrier in the field of industry with too many efforts and with the help of my family and my brother, I succeeded to expanding the workshop and cooperating with various companies and family business.t

Since 1990,our activity has been in the field of manufacturing, machining, assembling, metal parts and industrial tools.r

Since 2005, our activity started in the field of manufacturing advanced parts and cooperation with parent industries by using CNC machines in milling, turning and precise cutting poprocesses. Now this cooperation coutinues proudly with the most important industries and companies of the country.q

The purpose and mission(activity) K.S.AGroup activities are designing, manfactureing and machining of a wide range of metal parts in the field of energy, power plant parts, spare parts, turbine blades for railway and automobile manufacturing.r

Regarding to years of experience in the field, we have been cooperate with many big and weel known companies like Mapna industrial Group, Mamoot company, Megamotor company, Spare parts company and other.4